Anewlove Frequently-asked questions (F.A.Q.)

About Anewlove

What is Anewlove?
What is the advantage of using Anewlove?
Is this site just for US men?
Does have a mobile site?

About the security of the site

Is Anewlove secure?
Is it safe to pay for the service online?
I think someone has misused my credit card on your site.
I got logged off from the site when I was trying to write a long letter.

About profiles

Tell me about the privacy of my account.
How do I know all these women profiles are real?
They are too beautiful... Are their genuinely looking for a partner? Or you are using models?
Are all these photos authentic?
A lady has two different profiles on the site
Can I know if the lady is writing other men?
The lady I was writing to is no longer visible on the site
The lady's height and weight are different on another site
Is there an age range of ladies I should write to?
I want to search for a lady I have a lot in common with.
What does profile verified mean?

About creating and editing your profile

Creating your profile
How to edit your profile
Can I include my email address or phone number on my profile?
Problems to log in?
I can't upload my photographs!
I want to delete my profile

About Chatting

How much does it cost to chat?
How do I know the person chatting with me is the actual lady?
How do I begin a chat session?
Can I chat with more than one person at a time?
How do I end the chat?
What is a virtual gift?
How do I send a virtual gift?
How many credits are required to send a premium emoticon?
The lady who I want to chat with is not fluent in English?
I am seeing asterisks over some of my text on the chat screen.
Is typing your contact information allowed on chat screen?
I was asked for money by a lady during a chat.

About the service

How does this site work?
What about the email system?
How do I open my messages?
How do I send a message to a lady?
What happens after I submit my message?
Yet my lady speaks English? Isn't there any discount for waiving to the translation service?
Can I include my telephone number or email in my message?
After how many messages I can take further steps?
I wrote a lady but she hasn't replied!
Can I phone the lady I am interested in?
Can I send a gift to a lady?
How do I discontinue receiving letters from ladies?
How do I discontinue receiving letters from ladies from a specific country or region? Example: Philippines or Russia.
Why am I limited to 2000 characters per letter?
Her reply letters are too short
Are the ladies paid to correspond with men?
My letter appears to be delayed or lady hasn't seen my letter yet
My unopened letters have disappeared?
Can I send a lady private photos?
I'm having problems placing a call with the service
I received an introduction letter from a lady I am corresponding with
What are introduction letters?
How long does it take for a reply from a lady?
Can I write the ladies first instead of waiting for them to write me?
I am receiving too many letter, how do I stop them?

About payment and related issues

How do I pay?
My credit card doesn't go through.
My transaction went through but I didn't get any credits!
Can I have a refund of credits if a lady or I end our relationship?
Can I make a purchase with a gift card with a visa or mastercard logo
The payment process is slow
I was overcharged on my credit card
Don't want to pay by credit or debit card, what are my options
The site is too expensive
Can I make a purchase through Western Union or Moneygram?
Does have a membership fee?

About traveling

I made up my mind to travel and meet my lady in person
Can I make my own travel arrangements?
Can I have a lady visit me in the US?
Importance of purchasing one on one introduction at least a week before you travel to meet the lady
One on one introduction service. The lady speaks English, I don't need the translation service
What happened after you meet the lady?
What are club memberships?
What is a One on One Introduction?